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MPIII Upcoming Shows for 2010!

MPIII Upcoming Shows for 2010!

MPIII announces shows for 2010! Check your calendars, grab your mistletoe and come see the Motley Players! More fun than re-gifting fruit cake!

Spare the turkey and pass the potatoes!

Hey guys, did ya ever notice how busy things get during the holiday season? (um, yes…I mean now) Well, MPIII is no different than everyone else in that respect.
We are postponing our Thanksgiving show on the 27th until sometime next month.  Stay tuned to our website, facebook and myspace for updates on times and locations.
So [...]

September Show Updates

September Show Updates

MPIII Brings tons of laughs and new games to the Blackbox theater in two hugely successful shows in September…laugh at your own risk.

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“"Does beavis always act like a girl?"”
- by JC.Lawrence