MPIII Family Friendly Show Sept 24th!

Motley Players Improv Comedy

Tired of kids shows that bore you to death? (another !@#$%&^* pink dinosaur!).
Tired of adult shows that are stale and boring?
Tired of cringing when the kids ask what “ED” is while watching tv…
Do you really want your kids watching jersey shore?
Don’t have kids, but looking for fresh exciting comedy?

MP3_0311-01Bring yourself and your offspring (or however you got them, we won’t tell) to the next Motley Players Improv comedy show!!!
While all the content will be “squeaky clean” the suggested age is about 10 or so(hey, we know we still have bad ADD).

What is it?
The Motley Players specialize in high energy improvisational (that means, we make it up on the spot, based off audience input) comedy, unlike ANY you have seen before. Our family friendly shows add another dimension as we not only make sure our content is “family safe (um…a lot more safe than anything else out there…barny had issues)” but have enough relevant themes to keep kids of all ages in stitches.

Black Box theater in Plano.
Doors open at 7:30, show starts at 8pm sharp!
Tickets $10 online and $12 at the door.
Get tickets online HERE!

If you have any requests for out next show, leave us a comment here, or on our facebook page!!

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