2 responses to “Experiencing the Rush”

  1. Scott

    I can tell when you get nervous…when you get scared…when you have NO FEAR.
    It’s pretty neat because it seems to roller coaster, as one would think it would in an improvisational stand up show.

    I’ve experienced the exact same ride and I don’t know if there is a cure. Not even sure if I would take the antidote if it were available. The rush is worth any pain it causes.

  2. Heyman

    The rush of being vulnerable. I’ve read a couple of biographies recently – Steve Martin and Bob Newhart, and they both talk about the “need” to be on the stage even when it bombs. As a comedian, knowing that you have medicated someone’s pain for an instant, a minute or maybe more has to be so fulfilling. Instant gratification which I am willing to guess is more valuable than any paycheck.

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